Joseph Bonaminio, Jr.



My name is Joseph, Owner of Second Site Design and I take great pride in my team and the work we provide for our clients. I believe that less is more and perception plays a major roll when prospects make a buying decision. We've seen hundreds of behind-the-scene work environments and like to approach every project with an open mind in an effort to understand your business as well as your customer goals and objectives. There are no limits to how we can set you apart from your competitors. We excel in all design and programming challenges.


Ask us about our Branding Initiatives and Style Guides. We ensure continuity for all your online and printed marketing materials.


We help you define your overall marketing plan for your business, we also determine and produce all media needed to execute the plan. Our in-house phase process forms provide both us and our clients with a very clear picture of each step needed for the best possible results. One introductory meeting with us is all it takes for you to know you made the right decision meeting with us.


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