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Joseph Bonaminio, Jr.

My name is Joseph, Owner of Second Site Design and I take great pride in the work we provide for our clients. If you have been considering a revamp of your existing website then call today so we can talk. Our sites are built with the latest programs, custom designed, and extremely search engine friendly. I believe in clean, well-designed sites and that a visitor's perception plays a major roll when making a buying decision. We've seen hundreds of behind-the-scene work environments. We approach every website project with an open mind in an effort to understand your business goals and objectives. We excel in design and programming challenges.


We provide our clients with the collateral materials needed to execute their marketing plan properly.

We help you define an overall marketing plan for your business, we also determine and produce all media needed to execute the plan. Our in-house phase process forms provide both us and our clients with a very clear picture of each step needed for the best possible results. One introductory meeting with us is all it takes for you to know you made the right decision for all your marketing and online objectives.


Have a tired, existing site? Go from Drab to Fab with our "Website Face lift" services.

There is much more potential to attract visitors and convert them into customers when you have a site that has been developed with the industries latest software and features current trends and functionality.


New site design benefits:

  • Today’s sites are responsive. That means the layout will be fluid and adapt to the browser’s screen size and be compatible on tablets and mobile phones.
  • They offer easy navigation and a clean, organized look while maintaining your company’s brand and style.
  • They utilize social integration to increase recurring visits and incentives.
  • They cal a "Call to Action" to increase conversions.


Chances are you’ve spent money on your site and feel it’s checked off your list. You also may know that it’s not performing as well as you thought and your reluctant to go through the process again. Been there, done that, Am I right?


Your previous experience and outcome does not reflect in any way how we do business. I’m a man of my word and speak in layman’s terms so you fully understand the benefits of our services, what we're doing, and why it needs to be done. The truth is your website is one of your most important marketing tools and will convert visitors into customers if developed properly.


We are local, dependable and have been in business for over 17 years. View our work and list of satisfied customers (you probably know most of them). Please do not hesitate to call me if you have ever considered a website overhaul. Visit us or I’ll come to your place of business and give you a complete presentation that will show how we've helped other local business owners within your industry.

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"I can’t express how happy I am with the results of your latest web design and promotion of our web site. From working with you in the past, I developed the confidence in your company to let go and let you do your thing.


As you know, we had a specific mission on this version of the site; turn hits into leads and leads into customers. The results from just one month have been beyond what I thought was even possible.


In spite of my hectic schedule you made it happen, Thank You for you insight, creativity and patience through the development process. The return on investment for this site has already paid off, by far the best marketing dollars I ever spent here at DiFruscia Industries."


~ Frank A. DeFruscio

Powdercoating Specialist

"Joe B. was as professional and attentive to details as one could hope for building the AMA site. He was cooperative, responsive, and always communicated effectively.


He understands the moving industry and brings a strong customer service bias with him. He was on time and on budget. I know I am biased, but I believe the AMA site’s clean fresh look is the standard for all Arpin site’s to aspire, and that fresh look can be directly attributed to Joe’s instinct and talent. I would highly recommend that he have an opportunity to participate refreshing the Arpin sites, or be introduced to our agency family to provide quality sites for them. I appreciate that in this modern age, design work can be done virtually anywhere. However, Joe is local, and I will always favor a face to face meeting over a telephone or email."


~ Stephen Filonow

Director of Training & Workforce Development Arpin Group, Inc.

"I have the distinct pleasure of writing this recommendation for Second Site's web design and development services, and specifically Mr. Joseph Bonaminio, after having referred Mr. Bonaminio to some of my biggest clients as well as to my own company. The work is not only aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, but technologically cutting edge. The staff is professional, the project is mapped out from beginning to end before it even begins, and Mr. Bonaminio's WebReach™ program ensures total satisfaction with the end result.


I will continue to recommend Second Site Design to my clients, family and friends, and remain continually amazed at the quality of service provided by this cutting edge company."


~ Harlen Ogni

Abacus Computer Technologies, LLC

"Second Site Design is an excellent resource for any business owner who is looking to design and market his/her company on the Internet. They grasp the essence of your company's mission. They graphically display features of your company in a clean and user friendly manner. And, when you are satisfied with his work, they work tirelessly to insure that your company's website is high on the list of search engines. I highly recommend Second Site Design, for their careful work, their creativity, their enthusiasm and their drive to make it all work for you."


~ Steve C. Imber, Ph. D

Professor of Special Education

Thank you!